AGILE design and fabrication


Through the design and fabrication of architecture and furnishings, AGILE seeks to create the perfect built settings for human activities, both sustainably and ethically. 

Based out of the greater Moncton are, AGILE specializes in ecological furniture, interior design and architecture. We propose a catalog of ready-made items built exclusively with non-toxic (and preferably Canadian, materials). By keeping an eye on material sourcing, and by resisting the off-shoring of the manufacturing process, we ensure that no contaminants enters your home or workspace. By creating beautiful, lasting designs, we aim to rid the world of the woes of fast-fashion and quick-to-the-landfill consumerism. 



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Erik LeBrun

Stemming from a background in Architecture (M.Arch), I've studied design and low-energy construction both in Québec and Be

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