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Brad LeBlanc


An award-winning entrepreneur dedicated to disruptive thinking and helping people, companies, and organizations succeed. Love to host talks and lead stimulating conversations to inspire others.

Passionate about marketing & communications, technology, social and digital media. Driven by the goal of helping create an entrepreneurial world filled with positivity, innovative thinking, and inspiration. International travel and working with leaders and entrepreneurs from around the world keeps my heart beating strong.

I have had the privilege an opportunity to develop unique high-profile events and projects for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. From small projects and campaigns (community based) to large public events with leaders including Sir Richard Branson, Donald Trump, Michael J Fox, Gene Simmons, and others. Quite involved with many non-profit organizations and charities in the economic development, youth, and humanitarian space. 

Specialties: Creative Direction / Marketing / New Venture Development / Entrepreneurship / Social & Digital Media / B2B Business Development / Event Management & Design / Project Management / Integrated Marketing Campaign Development / Public Speaking / Problem Solving / Strategy

President and Co-founder, BrainWorks


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BrainWorks Marketing

As a full-service marketing and branding agency, we have everything under one roof.

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